The Piado Chartreuse Collection Catches Some Sun


The summer sunshine has nothing on these looks in the Piado Chartreuse Collection. Available as a trunk ($24) and as a brief ($20), these yellow undies will illuminate any underwear drawer. They have a low waist and are super soft with enough stretch in the fabric (94% Bamboo Rayon and 6% Lycra). The Bamboo fabric is “luxuriously soft” and feels natural enough that you’ll forget you have anything on. Bamboo is also easier on the planet and has a longer lifespan than most materials. And the best part — these bright undies aren’t harmful to your eyes, so feel free to stare directly at them.

Each pair has an elastic waistband, with the Piado name stamped on the center front. The briefs have nice, contrasting white seams around the pouch and leg openings. The trunk on the other hand has stitching that is more camouflaged with the base color. Either way, both pairs are bold, bright, and fashion-forward with a modern design. The collection’s fit has also been updated to provide  more room in the pouch. Who knows, the Piado Chartreuse collection might be the brightest decision you make all summer.

The Piado Chartreuse Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Check out the gallery below. Do you think the playful color warrants a pair of sunglasses? Let us know by commenting below, or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.

For information on the brand: Piado.

Photo Credit: Piado

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