Moises Garcia Dips In With Manus Swimwear


We can’t really tell if Moises Garcia is getting clean or being dirty in this photoshoot for Manus Swimwear. Shot in the Canary Islands by Adrian C Martin, he models an assortment of vibrant bikinis while showing off his muscles. And oh man, does he have muscles.

Each bikini that Moises wears has a different attitude about it. One has a stylish black and white floral patter. Another has a more tongue-in-cheek print of the British flag, the red stripes intersecting right over his package. The quieter pairs would have to be the green striped look, and the blue spotted pair. But no matter the look, Moises pulls it off. And with a body like that, it’s hard to image a look he couldn’t own completely.

Moises is wading in the water in all of the photos but the last two. It’s not quite clear what he is doing in the photos, but the poses make us envious of whatever rock he is holding onto. He is wearing a more classical floral pattern, with pink hibiscus-like flowers and palm leaves. Something about the bright green and pink photographs extremely well against his tan skin.

Check out the photos of Moises in the gallery below. Would you go for a dip in the lake with him? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Adrian C Martin


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