Lookin’ Fine In Joe’s Superfine Trunk


The new Superfine Trunk by Joe’s ($32) is a new addition to the Superfine collection. It sports a clean design and a sleek look. It’s casual without being basic. And it’s comfortable, while offering the support you need. This short-length trunk (89% cotton compact, 11% elastane) is super comfy, and suitable for just about anyone. And with such a classic look, it’s hard to imagine an outfit were they couldn’t be pulled off.

Available in gray, black and white, all with matching waistbands, these trunks would go perfectly under your favorite pair of jeans, or those bright shorts you wear when you want your colors to pop. But the gray pair in particular has a classy attitude about it. Gray itself is more of a statement than black or white, and the gray pair’s waistband is just a bit darker than the trunk body. The contrast almost looks like a belt, and makes this pair the stand out look in the collection.

Superfine Trunk by Joe’s is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information about the brand: Joe’s

Photo Credit: Rounderwear

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