Israel’s Furry Hottie Eliad Cohen For BCNÜ


Eliad Cohen’s buff bod is on display in these photos for BCNÜ.  The Israeli jack of all trades (producer, actor, model, entrepreneur) poses in front of an array of different settings for this series — the beach, a brick wall in front of a residence, emerging from a scrap car, and standing in an abandoned structure.  And Cohen oozes a sexy masculine vibe in all.

Each shot shows Cohen in a different pair of BCNÜ shorts.  All of the designs are very versatile, sporty, and casual, and can be worn in different contexts — working out, lounging around the house, or even doing errands in public.  We’re also a fan of the BCNÜ cap he wears in a couple of the images and the golden Hebrew letter necklace around his neck in all.

Check out the gallery below.  Do you think the Australian brand picked the right poster boy for their shorts?  Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: BCNÜ


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