GO Green Fit: Upper Body

This video by one of our favorite trainers is a solid workout routine for that hardbody you’ve been striving for. These sets all target different areas of your upper body. First there is a 300 meter row. Rowing is a great way to burn fat while also put on muscles. If you’re using the correct form, you should feel a burn in your abs and arms. Next, we follow that with 20 push-ups. Push-ups are still the classic way to tone your chest, second maybe to a bench press. After that, we move back to abs with 20 armless, ab mat sit ups. The last exercise in the routine is a seated strict press with dumbbells. Again, the magic number here is 20 reps.

In the video, the trainer is doing 8 sets, all with the 300 meter row and 20 reps for each exercise. He isn’t training for time, so if you want to steal this routine, don’t rush it. Keep your body in control, and focus on form. Take your time and feel the burn. Before you know it, you’ll be the most sculpted stud at the coast.

What do you think of this upper body routine? Are there any exercises you would add or remove? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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