GO Green Fit: Partner Plyometric Push-ups

If you have a workout buddy, and you’re both are trying to bulk up your chests, then you’ll have a ton of fun with this push-up. Partner plyometric push-ups are the same as any plyo push-up — you push off the ground and work those pectoral muscles. Think of the movement like rapidly loading a spring. The force builds as you lower your body, and then on the way up, that force pushes you up and off of the ground. But with a partner involved, you can add some more encouragement and difficulty to the set simultaneously.

Adding a clap between each plyometric push-up makes the movement a bit more strenuous. And when doing this exercise with a friend, you’ll both be working to keep up with one another. Or maybe you can ask the other guy doing plyometric push-ups at the gym if he’s like to join you. It’s just consensual chest action.

Have you and a friend, or significant other, ever tried out the partner plyometric push-ups? If so, tell us about it in the comments below. Or you can tweet us @underwearexpert.


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  1. Nicholas Patelos says:

    I have not tried that yet, but it sounds like a great pick-up line to get another guy to work out with me.

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