GO Green Fit: Parallettes Pass-Throughs, V-Ups, And Hollow Rocks

Our trainer has got jokes!  Referring to this great core exercises, he says “That awkward moment, when you’re walking through the metal detector and your abs of steel set it off.”

The first segment of this video covers parallettes pass-throughs, which is fairly intuitive and easy to emulate by watching. Grasping a set of parallettes, start off in an elevated plank position.  Then simply swing your feet forward through the parallettes until you reach a reverse plank position. After that, swing your legs back until you’ve hit the original plank.  Before initiating the swing forward and swing backward movements, keep your hips open in both the plank and reverse plank positions.  Also, keep your elbows extended.

The second segment of the video shows our trainer doing to a slow-mo version of the toes to bars exercise he demonstrated previously.  This relatively equates to a vertical rendition of V-ups, which can also be done laying on the ground.  The aptly named V-ups are like sit-ups except you keep your arms and legs outstretched so as to form a V-shape when you lift them.  Hollow rocks require you to maintain the same stretched-out position on the floor with your arms and legs extended, then use your core to rock your body so that your legs and arms alternately elevate off the ground.

Does your current workout include exercises to give your abs absolute definition? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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