GO Green Fit: Muscle-Ups And Clean And Jerks

Our favorite certified NYC crossfit trainer offers an inspirational motto with this exercise: “I can feel sore tomorrow or I can feel sorry tomorrow.”

The right-side section of this workout video, posted on 4/19/14, shows our trainer doing some daunting muscle-ups on the rings.  This exercise involves a front-to-back swing of the legs to gather some momentum followed by a pull-up then a dip to elevate above the rings.  You must study every aspect of the trainer’s technique to execute this properly. For example, your grip must place your wrist on top of the wrist so that you can push your torso above it after the pull-up.  Also, after the pull-up, be sure to lean your shoulders forward so that you are able to achieve the dip position and hold it.

The left-side of this video shows the trainer doing clean and jerks from two angles.  As Wikipedia succinctly explains, clean and jerks are “a composite of two weightlifting movements: the clean and the jerk. The clean portion consists of the lifter moving a weighted barbell from the floor to a racked position across deltoids and clavicles. The jerk portion involves lifting the weight above the head until the arms are straight and the bar is stationary.”  Our trainer recommends you choose your weight load appropriately and rest in between sets as needed.

Are you willing to do what it takes to obtain the physique of an Olympic gymnast?  Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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