GO Green Fit: Hang Power Snatch

Our trusty certified crossfit trainer based in New York City demonstrates the hang power snatch in this quick Instagram video.  In order to accomplish this exercise, you must assume the correct starting position.  First grip the bar (hands very wide apart) using a natural overhand grip or a hook grip while keeping your arms straight.  Next, stand up while maintaining a tight arch in your back.  Feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart and the bar should be resting slightly above your knees.  Torso should be leaning forwards just a bit.

To execute the hang power snatch, contract your back and hips then jump up while shrugging your shoulders.  Bend your elbows outward and try to keep your arms above the bar as long as possible.  Once the bar reaches it’s highest point, drop slightly underneath it using your legs and with fully-extended arms catch the bar on its descent.  After a successful catch, drop the bar back to your waist then knees.  From here, you can assume the starting position again for another go.

This exercise really works your core and legs, but requires careful practice and muscle memory before taking on larger weights.

How does your hang power snatch technique compare to our trainer’s?  Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert


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