GO Green Fit: Hang Power Cleans

Whether heavy lifting is your forte, or something you are trying to break into, this is a lift where you’ll want to be careful. And a good spotter never hurt anyone! Power cleans are a lift that look similar to a deadlift or your basic squat. You lift the barbell, and you use your shoulders. At the peak of the lift, you catch the barbell in the starting position for a front squat. Hang power cleans are one hell of a movement that require a lot of power. In the video, you see that hang power cleans start with the bar around your knee level rather than at the floor. The weight hangs down, forcing you to use your arms to keep it up rather than dropping it to the ground.

If you can see hang power cleans in your fitness future, be sure to pay close attention to our trainer’s form in the Instagram video. Watch his arms and his waist. It is also a good idea to stretch beforehand, namely your wrists and triceps, hips and ankles, and your upper body.

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