GO Green Fit: Crossfit Training

This exercise set might look intense to some, and that’s because it is. Crossfit training in general is intense. Your whole body is moving, and the compound movement combines a front squat with a shoulder press. The motion will make your quads and deltoids burn in the best way. This lift in particular is more demanding in the cardiovascular area, simply because of the range of motion it takes. This is also why you’ll have to utilize your auxiliary muscles to pull this particular move off. Our trainer here is using the lift in preparation for crossfit. The compound movement here gives him some hip mobility that will come in handy when power lifting. This move is also a good stepping stone toward the clean and press.

Are you trying to bulk up before that beach party? Or or are you loving how sore you are after trying this front squat shoulder press combo? Let us know by commenting below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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