GO Green Fit: Conditioning For Time

Summer is pretty much here, which means it’s time to put those finishing touches on your beach body. Or maybe your winter body stuck around too long. It’s never too late to start a fitness routine at the gym. And lucky for us, one of our favorite trainers uploaded a short video to Instagram of an intense work out that is guaranteed to tighten you up in the right areas. The goal here is conditioning for time and training for speed. And working on speed is a great way to boost metabolism, which is essential for fat burning.

Our trainer starts with a 300-meter row, great for toning up your abdomen with some cardio to boot. Next are the muscle ups — something only true gym rats could pull off with the correct form. Keep your eyes on his elbows and back to see it done properly. The last two steps are simple, jumping rope and push ups. The 60 double unders with the rope will kick your heart rate up, and the push ups will better define your chest.

So if you are planning a beach trip, or are a regular at the pool, see how these exercises fit into your gym life. Or, do you already have a similar fitness routine that works you and makes your break a sweat? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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