GO Green Fit: Calorie Rows And Push Presses

While many of us were indulging in buffets at family gatherings on Easter Sunday, our favorite fitness extraordinaire and certified NYC trainer posted this exercise video of himself putting in work at the gym.

The first segment of the video shows him on the rowing machine doing calorie rows.  Pay close attention to his technique to make sure you maximize the full-body potential of this exercise.  You should definitely feel the burn in your legs from this one!

The second segment of the video demonstrates the proper form for push presses.  Notice the initial bending of his knees to power the motion upward starting from the legs.  This exercise will definitely work the interior head of your deltoids (shoulders).  But be realistic about the weight you use, especially if you are just getting back in the gym.  And posture is important for avoiding injuries with these lifts.

Are you eager to get into shape for the summer? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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