Get Your Best Pic Ready For The Garcon Model Selfie Contest

Garcon Model Selfie Competition

Garcon Model has proven time after time that they are a brand for the people. Whether it’s taking into consideration their fans input for the brand’s latest Miami collection or the time spent on perfecting stylish, comfortable and colorful underwear, Garcon Model continues to garner praise from their audience.  And judging by the brand’s constantly growing social media fan base on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, it doesn’t look like their community of fans is going anywhere soon.

The brand continues their social media-based interaction with the Garcon Model selfie contest. How does it work, you may ask? It’s simple. Just snap a picture of yourself looking your ‘Garcon Model best’ in a pair of the brand’s underwear. Then tag the photo with #GarconModel and you will automatically be entered to win a pair of the Garcon Model underwear for free. It’s that easy. Three winners are chosen at random each month, which means one thing — get out of your seat, get undressed, and start taking selfies!

But before you go into non-stop selfie mode, check out the gallery below to see many of the already submitted pictures for the Garcon Model selfie contest, which includes some high-profile individuals including models like Tyler Kenyon and Jason Morgan, as well as adult film star Will Helm. Maybe even Zac Efron soon?

Let us know what you think of the Garcon Model selfie competition in the comment section below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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  1. William E. Rose says:

    I am looking for STRINGS for men that have a wide band for the waist and a strong pouch to hold in the front and a String donw the back.

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