Freedom Reigns In Summertime Blues


Being blue isn’t always such a bad thing. These new looks from American-based brand Freedom Reigns showcase soft, bright blues perfect for the tail end of spring before jumping into summer. This collection features one trunk ($60) and two briefs ($30). Each look has sporty, contrasting details in white and gray that give the pairs a classic feel. The briefs would be perfect for going to the gym, and the trunks even better for a post-workout swim.

The briefs are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Both pairs have the Freedom Reigns logo front and center on the waistband in contrasting black letters. The white waistbands also have contrasting blue and navy bands that wrap around the hips. The stripes are open at the back however so as not to take away from the pop of white. And depending on the base color, there is a contrasting stripe running down the center of the pouch. It’s a sporty, eye-catching detail that gets the job done in an understated, albeit sexy way.

The trunks (80% nylon, 20% spandex) come in a lighter blue than the briefs and sport the FR Team logo on the opening of the right leg. The font here is white and matches the band that runs down the opposite leg. The trunks are short and sit around the middle of the thigh to show off some leg and thigh. Both the stripes and short legs give get an athletic look across. There is also a sporty, contrasting band in navy around the back.

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For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns

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