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In this week’s edition of Ask The Expert, we are giving you some quick tips and facts about a modal and micromodal fabric. This fabric has become a staple in a lot of collections, and we can see why. It has the properties of cotton but is shrink resistant and feels as soft as cotton. Today, we are digging deeper in by letting you know what modal and micromodal fabric are, helping you keep the softness of the fabric after you wash it, and offering you some suggestions of underwear we think is the best in modal and micromodal.

Check out some of our tips below. Do you have a question you need answered? Leave it for us in the comments section or tweet us @underwearexpert.

Micromodal fabric

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0 thoughts on “Ask The Expert: Modal & Micromodal Fabric

  1. undershirtguy says:

    heya mk, great stuff here about micromodal and modal.

    I’d say cotton is more resistant to pilling than micromodal or modal. in most cases, modal, micromodal, and even siro micromodal will show signs of pilling much faster than any cotton counterpart.

    this is also the case with bamboo (or viscose from bamboo) fabrics.

    the only exception will be if the manufacture specifically states it’s an anti-pilling micromodal, which some do.

    hope that helps some of your readers!

  2. Brian Marric says:

    Can you recommend a brand with Boxer Briefs that legs won’t ride up? Tommy John is the only brand that is good in this department since Andrew Christian stopped making the traditional length boxer brief.

  3. undershirtguy says:

    heya brian, i can’t recommend a specific boxer brief which has legs that won’t ride up, but my recommendation would be to focus your search on one with longer legs.

    most traditional “boxer briefs” have mid-length legs, however the tommy john boxer brief has longer legs. based on my observations, “trunk” are more low-rise/short leg, “boxer briefs” are medium rise/medium length legs, then some brands offer a boxer brief with longer legs.

    doing a quick search on freshpair, i see the following brands offer a longer leg boxer:
    – obviously naked, 9 inch
    – calvin klein x micro
    – bike active short
    – frigo 1b9 no. 1 microfiber cyclist shorts
    – unico
    – jockey 2-way pouch midway boxer brief

    there’s more of course, so i’d recommend just scanning an online site like fp, look at the photos/reviews and select something that way.

    good luck buddy.

    please keep us posted by letting us know what you purchased and what you think of it.

    • Tug says:

      heya doris,

      the yarn content itself does not dictate whether or not fabric is breatheable, it’s how the fabric is knitted and the weight of it.

      in other words a light polyester fabric will likely breathe significantly better than a heavy micromodal fabric.

      in general though, micromodal behaves more like cotton than polyester.

      hope that helps!

      • sweatypants says:

        Nope, sorry, not true for everyone. A very thick, tightly woven 100% cotton undergarment stays dry, whereas even a very lightweight loosely woven panty or even thin pantyhose made of polyester will cause sweating. I don’t think it has anything to do with “breathability” its just something about synthetic fabrics that induce sweating.

    • tug says:

      hey rye,

      i’ve never heard from anyone who has reported getting a rash from micromodal fabric, but i can tell you i have had different reports from people who’ve had some skin reactions to chemicals used to make or finish the fabrics.

      not specifically modal or micromodal fabric, but i have heard of people getting rashes or even sick from something in the fabric.

      mind you this is very rare. in the 8+ years i’ve been writing about innerwear, i can tell you that i’ve only heard of 3-5 cases of skin issues or sickness.

      are you getting rashes from wearing a specific modal or micromodal undergarment? if so, can you provide more details?

  4. Kike says:

    My wife says that I’m very sensitive & picky with my Boxer briefs selection and it’s true lol since it is so difficult to find to right pair that feels and fits just perfect.
    I’m still not to sure what Micromodal fabric would feel like but I hope it’s nothing like: Spandex, silk, satin or polyester? I’ve tried all those fabrics and they just don’t feel great on me for some reason they are so uncomfortable ugh! The only one pair that I’ve felt have been PERFECT for me in every which way possible were some Papi boxer briefs that I got at Ross. Fabric feels so Soft nothing like Spandex, polyester, satin or silk. Also they don’t ride up at all they stay mid length leg always and excellent support where it’s needed if you know what I mean. Unfortunately I ripped off the back tag from them and now I don’t know what type of material they are? Grrrrrrr! … For several yrs now I’ve had to deal with this ordeal, I just need to find my Cinderella can you suggest anything?

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