Ask The Expert: Let Me See That Thong Underwear

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It seems like ages ago when Sisqo was gyrating on a beach somewhere telling audiences he wanted to see their thong, thong, thong, thongs. In full disclosure, men are a bit hesitant when it comes to thong underwear. We tend to get a lot of questions at The Underwear Expert related to “what’s the point?” As in most questions pertaining to underwear, the answer always stems on personal self expression in and out of the bedroom as well as personal tastes in comfort. Thong underwear shows off a person’s backside and supports the package area in ways that briefs, trunks, and even jockstraps can’t.

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We are also living in an age where there are innovations being made in what thongs look like. Andrew Christian is one brand that is not afraid to break the mold on thong underwear design as seen in the Andrew Christian Spider Thong W/Show It Tech. It’s colorful and features a double strap that is interesting to set your eyes on.

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Thong Underwear

Photo Credit: Malebasics, Andrew Christian, Jack Adams


0 thoughts on “Ask The Expert: Let Me See That Thong Underwear

  1. Hakan says:

    Yes I agree with Michael K. Thongs are really comfortable and light weight if you buy any well known brand like Andrew Christian can make you feel really confident and wear like nothing under your trousers 😉

  2. terry says:

    Thanks for some really good advice. It’s so easy settling for familiar types of underwear, when there’s so many exciting sexy options. Great website, and superb models who really enjoy their work.

  3. Kris says:

    Man there is nothing like the feel and comfort of wearing a “good” thong, as it says its all in the material and hows its made. I wear them daily and love the fit and feel of the good ones.

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