UFM: The Underwear That Is Made To Fit You!

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When entrepreneur Eric Schifone couldn’t find a pair of underwear that fit him, he developed a patent-pending adjustable support design for men’s underwear that makes it fit like a glove.

“UFM stand for Underwear For Men. It was started by men, by men,” said Schifone.

To come up with UFM underwear he addressed many problems that men face with ill-fitting undergarments. “For years I was searching for a pair of underwear that would give me the support I needed.” Schifone explained. “I was tired of constantly adjusting my underwear, issues with falling out, and of course tired of the laundry list of issues that comes along with wearing uncomfortable underwear.”


UFM was perfected to tailor to your exact fit with an engineered drawstring conduit adjustability system that is totally discreet.  To achieve a tighter, supportive fit, simply pull the drawstrings, which will cinch the extra fabric around the crotch pouch to isolate the area in one concealed comfort zone.

Underwear For Men Transforms Your Underwear

The underwear is also made, “using lightweight, smooth, breathable fabrics and includes an articulated mesh fly panel.” The website also explains that no matter how hard you wear your UFM underwear, the 90% elastane and 10% polyester fabric blend will never wear out.

760ff679c2d72bb34648f797050b171d_large“Our company slogan is, ‘UFM is made to fit YOU, no matter who YOU are,” said Schifone. “ UFM is more than just underwear, UFM underwear is a solution – this one pair of underwear can be made to fit any man with any problem.

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Since the success of their Kickstarter campaign which ended on December 4 with double its pledged amount at $2,029, UFM underwear has been picking up steam amongst the media and the public. Fans of the brand shared how the underwear has changed their lives like improving a golf game, helping with marathons and about pairs being stolen because of how much people are enjoying their benefits.

UFM hopes to transfer their success in the underwear business to other facets in the fashion industry. The brand would like to incorporate the technology into other men’s garments to create a entire line of clothing using new technologies the fashion world has never seen before. We like to call UFM the Transformers of the underwear world, for its innovative design and craftsmanship.

Currently, UFM has two looks, a brief and boxer brief that both retail for $24.95 and can be purchased on their website. The brief comes in black and sizes M-XXL. The boxer briefs comes in black, grey and red colors and are available in sizes M-XXL.

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