The UFM Boxer Brief Makes Tight Just Right


Item Reviewed: UFM Boxer Brief in Red

About The Product: The UFM Boxer Brief in red is one of two styles for this fairly new and innovative brand. UFM stands for Underwear For Men, and it incorporates a patent pending invention of a drawstring around the crotch pouch that can tighten the area, making them go from loosey goosey to the right fit. The collection is made from 90% polyester and 10% elastane, so you know these guys are perfect for the gym and anytime you need to perform at peak levels.

What We Like: The concept is something we’d never seen before, so we were very interested in trying them out, albeit a bit hesitant. First try, they didn’t feel that bad, they sat on our hips like a normal pair of boxer briefs, but then BAM. One quick pull of the drawstring system and this pair of underwear got closer to our goods than anything else. Making the underwear tighter was not awkward at all, rather comfortable, and we could continue our day with ease.

What We Didn’t Like: While the drawstring conduit adjustable system worked for us, there is one minor thing we would suggest. Once the string was pulled, there was excess string just hanging about. So stuffing it back in our underwear, we had a lot going on down there. We could feel ample amount of extra string just stewing with our boys, which was a bit uncomfortable. Only suggestion, shorten that string!

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Techies, UFC Fighters and Optimus Prime.

When We’d Wear Them: For that day and moment where failure is not an option.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Innovative, Adjustable, Athletic.


Style: Boxer Brief
Pouch: High-Tech Pouch with Drawstring Conduit Adjustability System
Rise: Regular
Coverage: Full
Fit: Proper
Waistband: Elastic Waistband
Fabric: 90% polyester and 10% elastane
Retail: $25.95 USD
Collection Colors: Red, Grey and Black
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: Boxer Briefs and Briefs
Collection Sizes: M-XXL
Made In: China

For more information on this brand: UFM

Photo Credit: UFM

Product Supplied by UFM


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