Stay Balanced In Lupo Yoga Socks

Lupo Yoga Socks

You’re a ninja. Yes, you’re a ninja — that’s what you tell yourself when you’re in your flow at vinyasa. Upside-down, right-side up, downward dog — you can twist in yoga class like one of those kids dancing on the subway.

Prepare for your ninja zen to crash.You’re wearing the wrong socks. You need to be wearing specific yoga socks. Thankfully Lupo, the Brazilian work-out wear company, has you covered with their yoga socks.

Lupo Yoga Socks give you the grip that helps you achieve your flexibility goals on a yoga mat. The no-show design means they won’t crawl up your leg or tickle you when you’re trying to hold steady with one leg up in the air either. The compression sock is made of 62% cotton, 35% polyamide and 3% “other” — we assume it’s the “other” which helps you hold your feet steady like a tightrope walker.

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For more information on the brand: Lupo

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