Shine Bright Like The Clever Diamonds Mesh Brief

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Clever Diamonds Mesh Brief

The Clever Diamonds Mesh Brief ($17.50) is one of the more lingerie-inspired pieces to hit the market lately.

The low-rise brief reminds us of a night out in the white, stuccoed city of Santorini, Greece and would look perfect for a sexy date. Despite the femme-styling, there is full man support built in with its strong blend of nylon and spandex. A diamond pattern along the sides decorates the pristine white brief, and when turned around, there is a sheer mesh back, making this pair of underwear even sexier.

The Clever Diamonds Mesh Brief is available in S-XL.

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For more information on the brand: Clever

Photo Credit: Clever


0 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like The Clever Diamonds Mesh Brief

  1. Dermot says:

    Nice to see on the “Diamond Mesh Briefs” that there is a good rere gusset seam showing.
    Its about time that mens briefs show a gusset seam at the back that is both visible and good and high. Some folk call it the “wedgie”.. Call it what you want,so long as its “well visible” on a mans briefs up high enough above his crack. Womens panties tend to have good gusset seams- Its time men joined forces. Underwear manufactures stop hiding the gusset seems on mens briefs. MMmmmmm i do like them “Diamond mesh briefs” guess why??

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