The Muchachomalo Fantasy Collection


Leave it to the go-to left-of-center Spanish fashion house to take the underwear scene by storm. The Muchachomalo Fantasy Collection is just otherworldly.

Spanish for “bad boy,” Muchachomalo has never been one to shy away from venturing into the fathoms of eccentricity. Just look at their recent collection, which fiddles around with accents and patterns from all across the globe as well those found in museums like Piccaso’s industrial cubism, Man Ray surrealism, and solarized pop art. Inspired by epic flights of fancies that recall fantasies of dragon-slaying heroes and sugar plum fairy tales on acid, the savvy brand has returned with one of the most eye-popping collections of the season: The Muchachomalo Fantasy Collection. The Men Longjohn Print (€37.50) is printed with a menagerie of winged toy creatures, while one of the many intriguing Men Short Print (€24.95) designs feature fire-breathing monochromatic dragons soaring the sky. Each pair of clothing is like an exquisite optical illusion, and makes them hard not to be put on display in front of the general public. Perfect for pillow talk, go-go nightclubbing or around the deck, these are for very bad boys indeed. Feeling a little bit on the mellow side? Try the great Solid Trunk (€17.50) or Short (€24.95) in grey and lime stripes. They also come in two-packs, so you can mix and match!

The Muchachomalo Fantasy Collection is available in S-XL.

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For more information on the brand: Muchachomalo

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Photo Credit: Muchachomalo

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