Hot New Lupo Therapeutic Compression Socks

Lupo Therapeutic Compression Socks

Lupo Therapeutic Compression Socks are the latest product from Brazilian-brand Lupo. These socks will gradually improve blood flow and preventing swelling! These unisex socks actually give your legs better health.

These socks are made out of durable 70% nylon and 30% elastane with a reinforced heel and toe that will last. The top band helps to keep the stockings in place so you can wear them all day comfortably. Your feet will also stay cool and dry because the stockings were designed to help wick away moisture. Trust that Brazilians to know how to deal with hot climates!

Available in three gradients: suave ($24), media ($32) and alta ($48), and each in two colors (black and rice powder brown), you can find the basic sock you need for everyday leg comfort.

For more information on the brand: Lupo

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