Great Deals Distribution Takes Over the Canary Islands

Great-Deals-Distribution-FeatureWearing selections from underwear retailer Great Deals Distribution including brands PPÜ, ZYLAS, Candyman, and Clever as well as swimwear from Vuthy, fit model Daniel González gives the Canary Islands a run for their money.Modeling the Great Deals Distribution underwear and swimwear beachside on Tenerife in the Islands, González reminds us just how fashion forward these brands are in an editorial titled ‘Suddenly Last Summer.’

Great Deals Distribution underwear brands are known for their metallic waistbands, excellent fit, and diversity of offerings, producing everything from scandalous see through lace thongs to athletic boxer shorts. Shop similar looks to these photos in the Get the Look section below!

Adrian C. Martin is a favorite photographer of ours, having photographed numerous editorials this fall featuring favorite brands like Modus Vivendi, JAM and MaleBasics. View his previous work here. View the Great Deals Distribution Suddenly Last Summer photo series below, and let us know what has you most excited: the Canary Islands, or these excellent underwear and swimwear pieces. Sound off on Twitter here.

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin


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