GO Green Fit: Deadlifts, Bar Facing Burpees, Toes To Bar

GO Green is a certified fitness trainer based in New York City and he is an absolute beast!  Check out this workout regimen he posted on Instagram on 4/19/14 and see if you can emulate it.

The video starts out with “bar facing burpees” where he drops to the floor assuming a pushup position before pushing back up and hopping over a small hurdle (feet together!), turning to face the hurdle, then doing another drop and pushup maneuver on the other side.

Next, you see him doing basic deadlifts. In his video description he recommends doing sets of reps that decrease in number but increase in weight.  Make sure to bend your knees properly so as not to aggravate your back.

Finally, he does a toes to bar exercise which is pretty much just as it sounds.  You grab on to the bar as if you were doing pull-ups  but instead you lift your toes up to the bar, working your abs and core muscles.  Notice how quickly and  steadily he completes each rep.

This simple regimen is a great way to work various muscle groups of your body while breaking a sweat and getting a bit of cardio going due to the pace and rapid succession of the various exercises.

Think you can find time to include this quick and simple whole-body workout into your life? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


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