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Garcon Model’s highly anticipated second collection is finally here, and it’s been worth every bit of the wait. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Miami, the Canadian brand has done an excellent job of juxtaposing the city’s playful energy with their own vision of sex appeal and elegance. The Underwear Expert had the chance to ask Garcon Model about the inspirations behind the newest collection.

The Underwear Expert: What was the inspiration behind the 2nd collection and why did you go with it?

Garcon Model: Our primary goal is to make men look good and feel sexy. While on a trip to Miami we were really inspired by all the sex appeal and summery vibes of the city. We wanted to translate that energy of youth and fun times into our collection. We brought in bold colors and paired them elegantly with our classic styles for a sense of refinement while being playful and eye catching. We have really brightened-up our offering by bringing in these fresh new colors. There is something really celebratory about this collection.

TUX: How did your Kickstarter campaign help with the second collection? Were people very responsive about likes/dislikes? Did you take them into consideration while designing the new collection?

Garcon Model: Kickstarter was a fantastic way to connect with our fan base as well as new customers. We really kept our ears open and received lots of feedback, likes and dislikes from the people we’re actually designing for.  What’s amusing is that it’s now clear we have 2 camps, the group with a more “extravert” taste and the more classic group who requested more traditional colours. The great thing with an initiative like Kickstarter is that it allowed us to please both camps in one collection with 17 new colors.

TUX: What’s next for Garcon Model?

Garcon Model: We have lots of projects in the pipeline that we’re very excited about!  Without giving away too much, Garçon Model aims to be positioned in the elite category of mens underwear and we’ll do just that with new, unexpected and innovative products sure to shake up the people’s expectations…

We are also expanding our retail distribution avenues, targeting the fashion press and increasing celebrity endorsements all alongside the launch of our elegant new campaign shot on location in Miami.

With styles like the Lincoln brief, a juicy blend of lime green and hot pink, the Mansion brief, which features a bubblegum pink body and black trim, the Gabels trunk, which comes with a white body and metallic blue waistband with the Garcon Model logo in light green — we have to agree. It’s a vibrant, fun line, aided by the brand’s super successful Kickstarter that took to consideration fan input and desires when designing the new range.

To further celebrate the launch of the “Miami Collection,” Garcon Model is offering a special deal exclusive to The Underwear Expert. If you order 2 or more pairs of underwear, receive $10 OFF the first order, plus free shipping (to selected countries) when you use product code: 798F43NL4Sz-10

The Garcon Model Miami Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

What will you celebrate in the Garcon Model Miami Collection? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information about the brand: Garcon Model


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