The Essential 2(X)IST Slim Fit Tee

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The 2(X)IST Slim Fit Tee is here. Every year you should throw out and re-purchase a set of white and black tee shirts. You need them. Period. Next time around make sure to touch your fingers to the super soft 2(X)IST Slim Fit Tee. Coming in all the styles you already wear, or should own, and in all the basic black, white, and color combinations — 2(X)IST might just be your new best friend.

What makes 2(X)IST stand out is the new slim fit. For you fit men out there, it’s often hard, as you know, to find a shirt that fits less like a sail and more like a glove. The 2(X)IST Slim Fit Tee comes in crew, v-neck, and deep v-neck. You can find two fabrications as well. There is the standard and oh-so-nice 100% pima cotton ($24) and then there is the Touch V-Neck, which is comprised of 89% nylon and 11% spandex ($34).

Find colors like Fuscia, British Blue, Azul, Deep Blue, Black, and White.

The 2(X)IST Slim Fit Tee is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on this brand: 2(X)IST

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Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez for 2(X)

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  1. John says:

    Unfortunatle 2xist no longer makes the crew neck version of their pima slim fit in black. Ugh! Any idea who else might make a suitable substitute? Also you mention that 2xist makes the pima slim fit t-shirt in many colors other than black and white. I have never found any other color on their site and I have purchased their underwear regularly for years. Please point me in the right direction if I am mistaken.

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