DIVE! Into Andrew Christian Diver Swim Shorts

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Not everyone is comfortable rocking a tiny bikini on the beach, and that’s simply all about self-determination. For those of us who are more retro or conservative, Andrew Christian Diver Swim Shorts have your jewels covered with their jewel-tone diver shorts. They remind us of Venice Beach circa 1991 – which is so in vogue!

They’re totally rad! And they’re made from super fast drying 100% polyester Microfiber. Nothing is worse than trying to run out of the waves like James Bond and still be dripping wet by the time you get to your betrothed’s spot on the beach. Sides measure around 10 inches (26 cm) from the top of the waistband to the leg openings.

They feature a rear pocket, and are one of the few swimsuits that are machine washable. They also feature contrast stitching and contrast stripe accents, for that retro-sporty look. This style has a custom drawstring and a soft mesh inner liner that help keep everything safely in place. They’re fully lined and available in neon pink and jade retailing for $53.93.

Andrew Christian Diver Swim Shorts are available in sizes XS-XL.

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For more information about the brand: Andrew Christian

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

Sponsored by Andrew Christian.


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