Derek Allen Watson Is Your Morning Glory

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Ever wonder what spending a day with Derek Allen Watson would be like? Find out for yourself with a brand new exclusive photo shoot for The Underwear Expert, shot by Gabriel Gastelum.

Derek Allen Watson Rides His “Surfbort”

After an exhausting slumber party the night before with Derek, don’t expect a lazy Saturday morning with this guy.  There is no sleeping in on his agenda, just some high-energy antics that will force you out of bed to join him. Don’t let his early start to the day fool you, clothes are not necessary until after noon.

Derek Allen Watson Strips Down For Rick Day

Wearing looks from Colorado-based underwear brand Baskit, Derek uses his entire apartment as a playground. Running from room to room, jumping on the bed and briefly stopping to flash his million dollar smile, he shows us his many sides. See Derek in all of his morning glory in the full gallery below.

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Photo Credit: Gabriel Gaselum

Product supplied by Baskit.


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  1. TomFord says:

    Horrible photos and mediocre model… Since when does taking pics with an iphone in your apartment constitute good editorial content?

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