Charles Owo Showcases Two Worlds, One City

Charles Owo Showcases

New York City based men’s underwear designer Charles Owo showcases two very different worlds that exist in the same city with his latest model photos.

The Charles Owo Houndstooth Collection

Charles Owo is a high luxury fashion brand of underwear that blends the latest fashion trends with the utmost comfort. Featuring his latest collection of houndstooth inspired undergarments, the brand mixes the haute couture style with NYC’s nitty, gritty underground scene.

Up and coming model Lenny San features the sophisticated underwear in a juxtaposed setting, where you normally never may find such great quality. Along with Lenny is another model who’s placed in a graffitied brick room. The drabness of the room really highlights the checkerboard print in the underwear. These photos are seriously mixing and matching this season’s trends of houndstooth and patterns on patterns!

What do you think of the way Charles Owo combines the two worlds? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Charles Owo

Photo Credit: Charles Owo

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