Charles Owo: His Aim is True


Quiver with excitement: New York based Charles Owo has arrived.

With a bow-and-arrow wielding centaur as their logo, Charles Owo is a new brand that recalls the colorful cool of Hermes and the accessibility of Diesel. But perhaps most intriguing, is that it hits the bull’s eye dead while standing in a league of its own.

Rampant with abs-tactic inked male models, the photo shoot appears to have been shot in a high rise New York penthouse, up above the city with the models lounging in between takes.

Other than the explosive array of hues in the y-fronts, which provide an interesting contour and slight square-cut angle, perhaps it’s most important to look at the strides in diversity the brand is aiming for. Other than the guys at ES Collection, you aren’t likely to see as many shades and sizes of men from around the globe—each bringing their own flair to the riveting undies. Benetton who?

Truly a testament of The Big Apple’s multiculturalism, these lads seduce in an easy breathing cotton blend black and tangerine Tope Boxer Brief ($55), smolder in sky blue Bold Cotton Briefs ($27) and seethe with sensuality in the Houndstooth Cotton Briefs ($27). Charles Owo is hitting the mark and we can’t wait for what’s to come.

How would you wear Charles Owo: For work, for workout, for play? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Charles Owo

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Photo Credit: Charles Owo


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