AussieBum Stav Shorts Show Off Your Best Assets

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aussieBum Stav

aussieBum Stav shorts ($55.14) are a mixture between board shorts and swimwear. They’re a happy medium of what you wear on the street and what you can jump into the ocean with.

With an elastic waist back for stretchability and zipper fly front with reinforced seams, they’re the surf-wear choice for the stylish man. 90% poly and 10% elastane means they’ll dry quickly as you leave the beach and head over to grab beers with the buds. Fitting somewhat like Rugby shorts, they’re masculine and square, but still flattering. Even more so, they have a pocket unlike most swimwear, so you won’t lose your keys. The shorts are available in neutral color tones such as white, charcoal, black and navy.

The aussieBum Stav collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information about this brand: aussieBum

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