The Andrew Christian Lucky Charms Challenge

Lucky Charms Challenge

Four models enter. Only one model can leave with their nickers on. Yep, it’s time for one of Andrew Christian’s get naked if you lose videos.

In this challenge, Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Pablo Hernandez, and Darius Ferdynand compete to see who can eat the most Lucky Charms in 20 seconds for the Andrew Christian Lucky Charms Challenge. The video was shot around St. Patrick’s Day which lead Ferdynand to assume he was asked to do it for his accent…which is Hungarian and not Irish.

By the end of the video (spoiler alert), Ferdynand is the one who is victorious. As the other models strip down, he gets to keep on his Vivid Fuse Brief with Almost Naked.

Check out the Lucky Charms Challenge below. Will you try this challenge at home? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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