Adrian C. Martin shoots Alpha + Omega Wear


Spanish photographer Adrian C. Martin beautifully captures Samu Vera & Marcial Rodríguez in the exquisite “Touch The Sky” editorial for Alpha + Omega.

Shot on location in Lanzarote, of the easternmost of the sovereign Canary Islands, Samu Vera and Marcial Rodriguez look like giants falling from the heavens, albeit in some of the funkiest and sexiest undies we’ve seen in quite some time. Based out of Sydney, Australia, Alpha + Omega proves that no one knows how to give attention to your ‘down under’ than the Aussies from the Land Down Under. Whether these rippling beefcakes are modeling the undeniably erotic Memphis Brief ($19.99), the out-of-this-world Orbital brief ($19.99), the knockout Ringer Brief ($19.99), or the REM-inducing Flash Brief ($19.99), these are a set of y-fronts that will make you feel that the sky’s really the limit.

With clusters of stratocumulus clouds overhead hanging against teal sky, the two seem to be leaping for the stars, and the down-to-earth Martin seems to be propelling them there in this innovative photo shoot.

Alpha + Omega Wear is available in XS-XL.

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For more information on the brand: Alpha + Omega

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin


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