Undz Offers Free Penis Insurance

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Canadian underwear brand, Undz, has launched an atypical campaign to incentivize the purchase of its underwear.  Since March 15, purchasing 3 pairs of Undz underwear will get your manhood insured. In a press release, Undz founder, Bernard Dore, said, “A man can get insurance for his car, dog, house, land, and life but not for his penis? Well, I thought that was absurd. UNDZ is making it possible for men all over the world to protect their most important asset and we are excited to have the backing of one of the most prominent insurance companies in the world.”

According to the policy, if you have an accident within the 12 months of purchasing your Undz underwear that causes the removal of your baby making appendage, the benefit is $50K. There are a few exclusions to the policy. You will not get the penis insurance if your member is directly or indirectly removed due to creating home made explosives, jumping off a building, cutting the penis off yourself, or if your situation depicts that of John and Loretta Bobbitt.

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As of March 18th, about 2,000 people have purchased their policies. Unfortunately for Undz, Lloyd’s of London, the insurance market who had insured David Lee Roth’s penis, backed out of helping the brand. “It’s unfortunate that Lloyd’s is no longer interested in partnering with UNDZ,” Dore said “I suspect they did not like our provocative marketing. We are pleased to say we will continue to provide penis protection to our customers.”

Dore went on to tell the Huffington Post that since the company is not a licensed insurer, they will move on with calling it “protection” not “insurance.”

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For more information about the brand: Undz

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