The Underwear Expert March Madness Final Four

After an intense second round, our March Madness Elite Eight have been narrowed down to our March Madness Final Four: the Garcon Model Trunk, the teamm8 Bolt brief, the aussieBum WJ Raw Jock, and the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet.

In the last round of battles, it was white brief versus black brief, the seasoned veteran versus the relative new comer as the Calvin Klein X Hip brief went toe to toe with the teamm8 Bolt brief in our closest pairing. The teamm8 Bolt brief proved to be electric enough to move on to the final four but will it have enough momentum to take down the number one seed, the Garcon Model trunk? The Garcon Model trunk has been somewhat of a Goliath throughout our March Madness tournament and is a fan favorite heading in. We’re excited for this battle because the black trunk will face the black brief in a battle that has been waging for some time now. It’s also the battle between our number one and number two seeded undies.

Not to be outdone, the number five and number six seeds are holding strong in a battle between athletic wear. In our wildcard round, it seems that our readers’ clear favorite was the singlet. The American Jock Action Mesh Singlet will represent the miscellaneous group in the final against the aussieBum WJ Raw jock, which has been gaining its own fan following during our March Madness.

VOTE on who you think should make it into our championship next week. Remember, every vote counts. So, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Photo Credit: Garcon Model, teamm8, American Jock, aussieBum

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