The Underwear Expert March Madness Championship

And then there were two. After three grueling weeks, we have our final two contenders facing off in The Underwear Expert March Madness Championship. Out of 16 deserving undies, our readers have chosen the Garcon Model Trunk and the aussieBum WJ Raw Jock to compete.

In our March Madness Final Four round, the Garcon Model trunk, after annihilating the competition to secure the coveted number one seed in the tournament, faced serious competition from the number two seeded teamm8 Bolt Brief. A mere 39 votes separated the winner from the loser. The aussieBum WJ Raw Jock, on the other hand, pushed passed the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet with a substantial amount of votes. For the first time in the tournament, the number five seeded jock took the most votes, making the final round of the championship anyone’s game.

Who should win The Underwear Expert March Madness Championship? VOTE below and sound off in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert as to why you chose that underwear.

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Photo Credit: Garcon Model and aussieBum

For more information about these brands: Garcon Model and aussieBum


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