Bottoms Up! Tush Skivvies Reinvents The Bum


The guys behind Tush Skivvies had models strip down to their skivvies, show off their collective tush, and really create something new and fun!

Breaking out the a cache of sexy underwear from their yet unreleased SS 2014 line, Tush Skivvies takes us into their wonderful contoured and asymmetrical world with a first look of their new campaign. Infusing a collection of vibrant off-kilter colors and quirky prints, like the aluminous sugar skull inspired “Ornate Creeps,” and the aptly titled “Hard Chemistry,” Tush Skivvies may just be on the verge of being a underwear fave in the coming year. They are even changing the way underwear company’s view sex, with its carefully designed condom pocket, which is stitched into the men’s underwear. What are your thoughts?

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For more information on the brand: Tush Skivvies

Photo Credit: Tush Skivvies

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