HOM e.Go S/S 2014 line


Ever been called a manchild? Never fear, the HOM e.Go S/S 2014 line may be just for you! A line created for the fashion-forward guy with a childlike sense of wonder.

Since their inception in the heyday of ’68, French menswear specialized brand HOM has always made an effort to divvy up the same quality commitment to comfort and creativity that has fostered their huge markets in Europe and Japan. With an assortment of men’s pajamas, loungewear, robes and socks, they always keep things fresh. Just look at the Long Beach College Boxer (€ 32), the Boxer Lover (€ 36), and the Palm Beach Boxer (€ 29) from the HOM e.Go line.

Don’t believe us? Check out this behind-the-scene clip of their sunny new campaign for HOM e.Go S/S 2014 line. Jamming out to indie-pop folk rockers Emerald Park’s 2008 single “At the Mall,” a French model gets his face and hair did, poses with plastic dolphins, rides a bike, gets his inner go-go boy on with glow sticks galore, blows the “smoke” off his water gun and skates around the set of the photo shoot. Oh yeah, sounds like a great gig.

Described as the “Peter Pan of modern times,” the HOM e.Go S/S 2014 line cartels flirtatious fun and sensuous sex in surprising twists and turns. In a statement on the HOM website, only a certain type of man can wear these off-center underpants and trunks: “The e.Go man comes straight out of the geek generation. He thrives on mangas, is permanently connected and doesn’t take himself seriously. He already works or is about to start, he is open-minded, curious and a player and has a dry sense of humor.” That’s not to say that they’re only targeting a niche group. “His personality shines through what he wears and he appreciates extravagant prints and bright colors, sometimes even fluorescent. The art of knowing what to wear is a concept the e.Go man masters because that’s how he expresses his own unique style.”

The HOM e.Go S/S 2014 line is available in XS-XL. Brand recommends hand wash, no bleach, low heat dry, that you do not iron. Easy care machine wash, tumble dry low.

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For more information on the brand: HOM

Photo Credit: HOM


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