Behind the Lens with Photographer Jorge Rivas

Photographer Jorge Rivas

This week, we are stepping behind the camera lens with a collaborator of The Underwear Expert, photographer Jorge Rivas. The Mexico-born, Texas native has shot multiple exclusive shoots for the Underwear Expert including a series with Bobby Creighton and a shoot shot in the streets of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico. In his latest series, entitled “Heaven on Earth,” Rivas headed to Miami, FL to team up with model Darian Alvarez, stylist Christian Ramirez, make up artist/hair stylist Alyson Shea, and sculptor Daniel Wicki. The editorial, which features swimwear from Rufskin, N2N, Marcuse, STUD,, and teamm8, showcases the photographer’s sexy, colorful, and sensual aesthetic.”I would like to be remembered as someone who does not just make photos, but someone who creates images that add to the beauty in our world,” he told us.

Check out Rivas’ “Heaven on Earth” below as well as an exclusive interview with the photographer.


Born: Durango, Mexico

Current Location: Dallas, TX

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Hair Color: Salt & Pepper

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Mexican

Favorite Camera: Hasselblad, Nikon

The Underwear Expert:
What inspires you the most?
Jorge Rivas: The beauty that surrounds me, the human body, etc. I would like to be remembered as someone who does not just make photos, but someone who creates images that add to the beauty in our world.

TUX: Which photographers do you look up to?
JR: La Capelle, Herb Ritts, Mario Testino, etc.

TUX: What was your first photo shoot like? What have you learned since then?
JR: I was in high school. It was at a circus  and was just fun stuff with animals.

TUX: Who has been your favorite model to shoot?
JR: I can’t really tell a favorite one because everybody has their own personality. I have the fortune of creating a great connection between me and the models which I think is really important.

TUX: Which model do you hope to shoot one day?
JR: I think well known people in the fashion industry.

[PHOTOS] Bobby Creighton By Jorge Rivas

TUX: Dream location?
JR: I think Thailand or Greece. I have so many!

TUX: Describe the importance of working with a team to put a shoot together.
JR: Sometimes it can be complicated, but if you have the right people or crew, everything works perfectly. I love to work with professional people that really have the passion and love for what they are doing because I’m the same way.

TUX: What kinds of things do you hope to capture when shooting guys in underwear/swimwear?
JR: As people know, my work is sexy and sometime it could be a little more, but I always take care of the people I’m working with. I like to bring out that sexy side that everyone has. Of course, showing the product and brand is very important.

TUX: Tell us a bit about your business/your typical day to day.
JR: I always trying to keep myself busy. When I’m shooting, I like to start early in the morning because I think people are more relaxed and fresh. If I’m not shooting, I’ll be editing or planning coming sessions as well. Also, I travel a lot.

TUX: What kinds of topics do you hope to explore in your photography?
JR: I’m really looking to move fashion photography in places like NY, Europe, etc. I want to try to increase the quality of my photography and get involved more with big brands and people in the industry.

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TUX: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you do?
JR: I think I’ll be a chef or a dancer, haha. Love those. I’m an architect and graphic designer.

TUX: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
JR: Traveling world wide doing my photography and being a well known photographer. Having an established name not just in US or Mexico.

TUX: What do you think makes for a good photograph?
JR: Lighting and making the person in front of the camera feel comfortable. Of course, the creativity will bring amazing images.

TUX: How would you describe your style?
JR: Sensual, sexual, risky, colorful.

TUX: How do you handle criticism?
JR: At the beginning, it was so hard for me to hear bad comments about my work, but that really helped me grow and create and gain more confidence in myself. Not everybody will like my style or my work, and I really understand that. It took me a long time, but I’m glad I learned this is the way.

TUX: What’s your favorite pair of underwear? Least favorite? Favorite swimsuit?
JR: I really like very comfortable underwear. I have so many favorites. I love underwear and swimsuits as well. If they fit well, I really don’t care about the brand.

Photo Credit: Jorge Rivas


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