Add A Papi Touch Of Camo To Your Look This Season!


Rethink your definition of camouflage with the all new Papi Touch Of Camo collection this season!

This is a brand that doesn’t want you to blend in, so they’ve revamped what it means to rock camo. The line comes in a Thong ($18) and Brazilian Trunk ($22) in three color options: Lawn Green, Pink, or Storm Blue. Both thong and trunk are made of an ultra soft blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, with a solid body, and the trunk features a contoured pouch. The elastic waistband adds the perfect element of camo to complete this bold and sexy look.

The Papi Touch Of Camo Collection is available in sizes S-XL.

Will you be adding a touch of camo to your wardrobe? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Papi

Photo Credit: Papi

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