30+ Instagram Pics From Calvin Klein’s “#mycalvins” Campaign


A couple of weeks ago, Calvin Klein underwear launched a new campaign in preparation for their 2014 Spring collection. The campaign called upon fans across various social media platforms to show off their Calvin Klein underwear or waistbands using #mycalvins. The campaign was launched with the help of celebrities like musician Trey Songz and supermodel Miranda Kerr. In the first 24 hours since launching the campaign last week, there were over 1 million fan interactions from a pic Trey Songz posted.

Today, we are looking at some of our favorite #mycalvins photos from Instagram. Richard Rocco, a model and military vet, showed off his Calvins along with some fresh faces. We were drawn to an image of a man posing with his cat. Definitely the most heartwarming of the bunch! The campaign has brought forth pics from guys from all walks of life. Men of all races, bearded/smooth, and geeky/sporty.

Check out some of our favorite images in the gallery below! Have you showed off your Calvins yet? Head on over to Instagram or Twitter and use #mycalvins.

Photo Credit: Via Instagram


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