11 Navy Briefs For After Midnight

Navy Briefs

When you think of Spring colors, where does your mind wander off to? Usually, spring is full of more pastel tones as well as vibrants that pop. You come to expect these colors from collections during the Spring because underwear lines run on a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter rotation. Nothing says warm sunshine like flashy hues.

With this considered, we’d like to share with you a color that is not only popping up on S/S collections but is also becoming somewhat of a classic along with white and black. That color is navy.

A while back, we explored the little black brief, one of those timeless pairs you should definitely have stored in your underwear drawer. This week, we are saying the same for the modern classic, the navy brief.

Exploring Your Little Black Brief

When it comes to dressing up, greys, blacks, and navies always carry the connotation of sophistication and business. We feel that the navy brief, with it’s sexy cut and blue tone, is the more youthful of the three but carries with it the same amount of elegance. Navy carries with it notes similar to a midnight sky, thus it is sultry and mysterious. As with any underwear color trend, there are various things to consider when purchasing a navy brief for your collection.

Brands like aussieBum and Andrew Christian offer navy briefs that help not only to enhance your pouch but lift and support it as well. Calvin Klein and Gabriel Grey offset their basic navy briefs with metallic waistbands that pop. Papi has a Microfusion Performance – Low Rise brief pack that features a navy brief and a vibrant blue brief with navy stitching. Ken Wroy offers a deep blue tone with a print of the NY Skyline. Wood has a hip brief made up of tree fibers that is super soft and navy.

Check out these picks and more in the gallery below. Which is your favorite navy brief? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: International Jock, Mack Weldon, Lupo, Gabriel Grey, Andrew Christian, Jac 5, aussieBum, Ken Wroy, N2N, Papi, Wood

For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Mack Weldon, Lupo, Gabriel Grey, Andrew Christian, Jac5, aussieBum, Ken Wroy, N2N, Papi, Wood


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