This Week In Men’s Underwear – February 12


Last weekend we gave you our Monthly Athletic Roundup, and since then, we’ve had a bunch more sporty pairs of underwear hit the market. This week we saw many athletic inspired underwear, which we wish would have been released to make the Monthly Roundup — but don’t worry, they’ll be in the next one. So for now, enjoy them in this week in men’s underwear – February 12 2014.

Andrew Christian kept things active with two collections – and four lines – of sporty inspired gear. If you like to keep things modern try the Color Vibe Air Jock and Sports Brief collection, and for a classic sporty line the Retropop Sonic Boxer and Briefs W/Show-It may be right up your alley. 
Bonds’ Youth Trunk channeled our inner Peter Pan spirit: we never plan on growing up, even if our underwear does. 
Frank Dandy got down and dirty this week with the Guts N’ Glory Boxer, which shows colorful graphics that you would find in your middle school anatomy book. 
Jockey heard the call, not of the wild, but of plaid with the Grizzly Creek collection.
Malebasics’ Spot collection used fabric, color, and shapes to accentuate everything on the male form that should never go unnoticed. 
Manview Bodywear has taken the best of Australian swimwear design and made its very own in the States with its Aussie Swim Bikini collection. 
Marks & Spencer knows how to keep calm, with the Cool and Fresh Trunks collection which are breathable and refreshing so you continue to carry on. 
Papi’s Diamonds collection is man’s new best friend for its unique cut and blend of shapes and color. Shine on pretty boy. 
Pengallan must have gotten the memo too that plaid is back in for their extensive Plaid collection of boxer shorts. 
Tani knows what needs to be on your back and around your waist when you train to the max, and the Fresh Cooling Performance collection has everything covered. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Papi, Tani and Malebasics


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