Underwear With Pockets: Keeping All Of Your Goods Safe


Underwear already provides our bottoms with many benefits, besides the obvious extra layer or warmth and comfort, they offer support as we move about our day. What happens when you add in one more element to the design of underwear? Say, something such as pockets?

Pockets instantly add an advantage to any pair of underwear. The Underwear Expert has explored the many options currently on the market to see what exactly sets a pair with pockets apart from from the rest. The first thing we found was a discreetly placed condom pocket.

Condom pockets sewn into underwear have been around for some time now; however, more and more brands are directly promoting and marketing them to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness as well as promoting safe sex practices. One of the leaders in underwear pockets is Colorado-based brand Baskit, who created a line called Billy Boy in junction with Billy Boy Condoms, the largest condom brand in Germany. The Billy Boy collection comes in three cuts: briefs, low-rise trunks and boxer briefs. The pocket is found sewn in the inside of the garment in either the front or back by the waistband, depending on the style of underwear; and, it is sold with an actual Billy Boy condom. The brand started the line in 2000 and discontinued it in 2006 because other brands started to pick up on their success and incorporated the idea into their own undies. However, the Billy Boy collection proved to be very popular, so the brand brought it back in early 2013. “We got one to two e-mails per month asking if we were going to offer underwear with condoms again,” Eric Schwers, CEO of Baskit, said. “Eventually, we just couldn’t ignore the requests; that, and we’re interested in promoting safe sex.”

Another brand who’s mission is focused on the reality of enjoying intimate moments while staying safe is Tush Skivvies. They are a newer brand on the market and have turned to Kickstarter for help in developing their vision and products. Tush Skivvies believes that as an underwear company they have a duty to help promote safe sex, and that is why every pair of underwear has a discreet pocket sewn into the inner lining of the waistband. Not only does this company want to help raise HIV/AIDS and other STD awareness, but they are also trying to promote safe sex to prevent unwanted teen pregnancy.

Baskit and Tush Skivvies are two brands that continue to support HIV awareness, prevention, and research, but many other brands create special lines of underwear for May 15, which is better known as International AIDS Vaccine Day. In the past, MeUndies, Andrew Christian, and Papi have designed limited edition underwear with condom pockets or have included condoms in their packaging during the month of May.

While some brands make underwear pockets strictly for condom usage, others market pockets for condoms and much more! The next three brands use their pockets as “utility” pockets, meaning you can store anything you desire in your undies — as long as it fits. These are the perfect pockets to put credit cards, keys, phones, and, of course, condoms in. Unlike condom pockets, these pockets tend to stand out and act as the perfect underwear to wear at the gym or on a night out, when you don’t really have pockets available for the necessities of a good night.

Australian brand Sly is better known for their fun and trendy prints, but their pockets have not gone unnoticed. Sly places pockets on every pair of underwear they make, and they are found outside of the garment at the bottom of the leg. Placing pockets on the front and lower region of the leg will prevent a weird misshaped bump at your waistline, but your stored goods have the potential of falling out easier without you noticing. British underwear brand Smuggling Duds designs its pockets much differently. They incorporate their pockets into the front and center of the body of the garment, complete with a button to ensure that everything you stash stays in place. Their “stash pockets” are also found on every pair of underwear they release and encourage customers to hide anything they don’t want to lose. The last brand in the utility lineup is Tommy John with its pocket found on the front of the right hip. This pocket’s opening is on the outer part of the garment, but slip whatever you want in it for full protection, as the items fall down into the inner part of the underwear. We personally love this pair for the gym when your shorts don’t have anywhere to store your phone or music player. Simply deposit them into your Tommy John utility pocket and enjoy your workout without having to worry about your possessions constantly falling out of the waistband.

Aside from the ways underwear with pockets can help provide assistance to everyday life, these types of underwear should be the first pairs you pack when traveling. Wearing pocketed undies while traveling will help save you the stress, worry, and embarrassment of losing important items or getting pick pocketed abroad.

 The latest successful brand to conquer Kickstarter is Adventure Underwear, who design pairs of undies with not one, but two pockets. After many bad traveling experiences the guys behind the brand teamed up to expand on the concept to incorporate a waterproof and a quick access pocket which are both big enough to store a Passport in. Other than protecting your personal goods, they are made with 100% Australian Merino Wool to keep the real goods nice and comfortable. The fabric is also quick drying and odor resistance so those items you placed inside will come out remaining the same as they were when they went into the underwear. Another brand that blends pockets into their product for safe traveling is Smiley Clothing Australia. Every pair of underwear has an inner pocket that hangs from the waistband, making it easy to slip stuff in and out as you go.

So tell us, what would you stash in your underwear if you had a chance to? We’d love for you to share your experiences with underwear with pockets by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Tush Skivvies, Baskit, Sly, Smiley Clothing Australia, Tommy John, Smuggling Duds and Adventure Underwear, Lewis & Marshall Photography.


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