The Underwear Expert Monthly Jock And Jockbrief Roundup – January


We’re calling it now. Jockstraps and jockbriefs are going to be the IT underwear for 2014. Over the past month we’ve seen more jocks and jockbriefs than we could even fit in our underwear drawer. You may have already heard, but this style of underwear is super supportive and gives the rump a little lift, making them great for athletes or even just a night out while you’re shaking that booty all over town. Read below to see our monthly jockstrap and jockbrief underwear roundup for the month of January.

Andrew Christian is already in the summer spirit with the very fashionable and flirty Nanofit Breeze Active Jock.
Baskit’s Contrast Jockstrap collection will add some color to your life with the many bursts of color options. 
Body Tech is working overtime to help enhance your best features, including both the front and backside with the Maximizer Jockstrap.
Cocksox was seeing yellow last month, and naturally it carried over to their Jockstrap as well. 
Gregg Homme’s AWOL Jock insists you ditch that stiff uniform and show off that Army trained body. 
Jack Adams is one of the leaders when it comes to athletic jockstraps and jockbriefs. They had three exciting new looks this past month including the Footballer Lace-Up Jockstrap, Old School 2.5 Jockstrap and Athletic Jockbrief collections. 
Papi got down after dark and stayed up ’til the crack of dawn with the After Dark Jockstrap.
Pistol Pete’s Nitro Jock Brief is injected with a touch of sportiness and sex appeal for its mesh fabrication. 
Pump gave us something to go on the prowl in, and we can’t wait to make our catch in the Panther Jockstrap.
Rounderbum’s Basic Jock Brief may not be as basic as its name lets on; the jockbrief has the powers to drastically change the shape of your butt, making it plump and round. 
Undergear also provided us with some great new looks this past month. Check out their Extreme Animal Lace Jockbrief for something exotic or try their Contour Privé Jockstrap for something luxurious. But if it’s a simple jockstrap you’re searching for, the Basix Jockstrap is our one and only suggestion. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, Body Tech, Undergear and Gregg Homme.


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