The Underwear Expert Monthly Athletic Underwear Roundup – February

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While it may be the dead of winter in the United States, and we keep getting pummeled by storm after storm, that’s still no excuse to stop preparing for the summer. If you want your body to be beach ready by June, now is the prime time to start. For the month of February we’ve rounded up our favorite men’s athletic underwear to help you reach those fitness goals much easier, quicker, and of course while looking sexier. There is no reason why you can’t feel good while looking good, so check out The Underwear Expert’s monthly Athletic Underwear Roundup – February 2014.

Adidas’s ClimaCool Boxer Briefs is taking your workout to the future with its advanced geometric patterns and prints. 
Alpha + Omega provides you with full coverage when you wear a pair of their Long Trunks, so now you can work those abs without having to worry that you’re flashing the whole gym — unless that’s your plan. 
Andrew Christian knows how to make you look your sexiest while you’re dripping in sweat and grunting. Try their three latest gym friendly looks from the Almost Naked Boxer and Eclipse Brief W/Show-It, Almost Naked Locker Room Jock and CoolFlex Pop Flashlift collections. 
Bodyaware’s Silk Brief collection wants to help you find your zen with this Yoga inspired line.
Cocksox is aware that just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t rock a pair of stylish undies like their Ahoy Striped Boxers.
Espirt’s 2-Pack Microfiber Woven Boxer Shorts makes sure there’s no reason you should be wearing the same pair of underwear twice in a row to workout in. That’s just gross. 
Frigo has taken performance to the next level with their various pairs of underwear, but for a more reasonable price, try out the No.2 Microfiber 6 Inch Athletic Boxer Brief.
Ginch Gonch’s Athlete collection is an ode to the many awesome sports there are in the world, and the balls that make them possible. 
Go Softwear will have you looking great during those runs down Venice Beach with their Active L.A. Wash collection of tops and bottoms.
Jack Adams’ Athletic Sprinter Thong will help you cross the finish line. 
Jor helps your boys breathe as things heat up with the mesh Active collection.
Puma already makes some of the best performance pairs of underwear, so why not dress head to toe at the gym with their 3-Pack T-shirts?
Pump’s Ice collection is gym friendly, but also great to hang around the house in while watching your favorite team dominate. 
Rounderbum adds a twist to your workout with the Basic Jock Brief, which offers your backside support as you’re doing all of those squats. 
Tani’s Air Fitness collection offers the best workout products because it will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.
Teamm8 kept it classy and classic this month with the Classic line; these guys totally have you covered. 

Photo Credit: Alpha + Omega, Tani, Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, Bodyaware, Teamm8 and Espirt.


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  1. john reddick says:

    Your prices tend to be high. I can go to a box box store( Wal Mart/ Target, etc.) to find comparable design underwear
    at a lower price thus getting my draws on site ready to take home to wear. Do you have a discount sales program.?

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