The Hard and Soft Sides Of The Malebasics Spot Collection


With the buzz around the brand new Malebasics Spot collection, the brand has upped the ante with a hot and thrilling campaign.

Highlighting their latest achievement, Malebasics has released a series of photos to accompany the Spot collection which is made out of Yael, a microfiber that has a mesh-like quality. The collection comes in three styles, a brief, a trunk, and a jockstrap — which is one of the collections most blazing looks.

The Malebasics Spot Collection Puts The Spotlight Back On What Really Matters 

The campaign photos show off both the athletic and sensual side of the underwear. Francisco Aponte, José Velasquez and Francis Freyche show how the cooling and spotted underwear appeals to any sport, whether it’s volleyball, tennis, or even basic exercise. Using a gorgeous hardwood floor as a backdrop, photographer Anibal Velasquez embodies the collection’s design aesthetic of sharp and solid lines and color combinations. The soft side of the collection is balanced out with Francisco Aponte using a pillow to lighten his pose.

Using the turquoise color from the Spot New Sexier Trunk as inspiration, the next series of photos are shot against a cloudy, but pure, blue sky. Anibal then takes things back down to solid ground where the black jockstrap is featured in an urban setting, with the José Velasquez jamming out to some music.

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For more information on the brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez


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