Show Yours. #MyCalvins.


The Underwear Expert is excited to report a new initiative announced by global — and one of our personal favorites — brand Calvin Klein this week.

“show yours. #mycalvins” is inspired by athletes, models, actors, actresses, selfie nation, and most importantly, fans of the brand. It’s a way for consumers of Calvin Klein Underwear to get involved in the conversation and show their support for their favorite pair of underwear, whether it be boxers or briefs. The campaign launches just in time with the latest from Calvin Klein for men, the Calvin Klein Dual Tone.

Promoted by the likes of supermodel Miranda Kerr and musician Trey Songz, “show yours. #mycalvins” have already begun the fan revolution. The Calvin Klein website has been updated as well, to feature photos and user-generated content from the campaign. You can join in, too. Be sure to include us in your tweets at @underwearexpert with #underwearexpert as well as #mycalvins and #waistbandwednesday when you’re rocking your Calvins from now on. 

For more information on the brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein


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