Parker Hurley’s Lion King & More Underwear Model Instagram Photos

Parker Hurley

This week in Underwear Model Instagram photos, Parker Hurley hears the call of the wild. In a recent shoot, he donned full gold body paint as he emulated a lion. Not to be outdone, Rob Evans posted a photo of himself ripping the runway in a tribal, safari inspired ensemble. What can we say, these models were born to be wild.

We were treated to some more artwork from @theartofrichie. Previously, we’ve seen him capture Jon Varak, Jeffrey Hawkins, and Topher DiMaggio in his signature style. This week, Pablo Hernandez and Steven Dehler were among his pieces, with Pablo appearing in more of a sweet as candy rendering and Steven appearing in a hot, angelic look.

For more model candids, check out our gallery below. Who should we be following on Instagram? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Via Instagram


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